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Coast Guard

EER Bullet

Designed for the U.S. Coast Guard Enlisted Evaluation Report (EER), this format transforms regular achievements into impactful bullet points. Each bullet, limited to 220 characters, begins with two defining words like "Dynamic Leader" or "Operational Expert." The format emphasizes concise language, leveraging Coast Guard-specific or widely understood abbreviations. Personal pronouns are avoided, and there's a strong focus on quantitative metrics, always connecting achievements to the overarching Coast Guard mission. While the target character count is 220 or less, outputs may occasionally exceed this limit, necessitating further user refinement.

Example Input (Variation 2): I developed a web application that streamlines the creation of military performance reports.

Example Output: Efficiency Champion. Developed web app to expedite mil performance report creation; decreased processing time by xx%, increased accuracy, and optimized admin efficiency for xx personnel, elevating unit's productivity. (Character Count: 217)