Frequently Asked Questions

What is RapidEPR?

RapidEPR is a web application designed to convert plain English descriptions into properly formatted performance report bullets for all branches of the U.S. military. Its mission is to streamline the bullet writing process by producing precise and compelling bullets based on user-inputted accomplishments.

This used to be free...what happened?

I wanted to keep this service free for everyone, and I attempted to do so by placing ads on the site. However, all ads were being blocked on government networks, where the majority of RapidEPR traffic occurs. Due to this, I was incurring a significant financial loss out of my own pocket. I had to make a decision: either shut down the site or charge a small fee to cover the costs of running the site. I chose the latter, and I hope you understand. I'm still committed to keeping the cost as low as possible, and I hope you continue to use RapidEPR.

How much does it cost to use RapidEPR?

RapidEPR currently offers varying packages to buy credits. Please refer to the Credits Page for a breakdown on cost. Each user gets 10 free credits to start.

Can I provide feedback or ask questions about RapidEPR?

Absolutely, feedback and inquiries are always welcome. Please visit the Contact Page to submit any thoughts or questions. Responses will be provided as promptly as possible.

What should I do if the generated bullet needs modification?

RapidEPR offers an excellent foundation for bullet creation, but it's understood that refinements may be needed to accurately represent unique situations. Users are encouraged to edit the output as necessary to best showcase their accomplishments. Directly copying the generated bullet without modifications is not recommended.

How can I ensure the best results when using RapidEPR?

For optimal results, users are advised to provide specific details about their accomplishments when using RapidEPR. This includes the scope of involvement, the impact of actions, and any quantifiable data that highlights the significance of the achievement.

Are my payments secure?

Yes, your payments are secure. All transactions are handled by Stripe, a trusted and secure payment platform. No payment data is stored on the RapidEPR servers, ensuring your information remains protected.

How do credits work?

Credits are used each time you submit an entry for translation into a military performance report bullet. One credit is used per submit, helping to fund the long-term development of RapidEPR. Need more? Purchase additional credits on the Credits Page.